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Aba locked down as IPOB sit -at-home order records partial compliance in Umuahia, Igbo consultative forum, leaders of thought, hail action

Biafran agitators in Umuahia Nigeria

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Aba locked down as IPOB sit -at-home order records partial compliance in Umuahia
. ‘IPOB has won’, says Eastern consultative assembly
. IPOB hails S’East,  S’South for complying
By Steve Oko
Aba the commercial capital cum economic honey pot of Abia State was completely locked down today  ( Septey140) in total compliance with the  sit -at-home order issued by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra.
 The exercise,  however,  recorded partial compliance in Umuahia the state  capital.
The ever-busy Abia Tower Round-about Aba Road almost empty


Aba residents remained indoors as the streets were deserted.
Traders and their customers also reportedly stayed away from the markets.
Schools and banks also reportedly closed shop in Aba.
But in Umuahia residents were observed going about their normal businesses although the streets were empty earlier in the day.
Shop owners who were reluctant to open for business earlier in the morning apparently for fear of the unknown later opened for business.
Banks were also observed attending to their customers when our Correspondent went round the city to monitor the exercise.
Although some residents defied the order the streets especially the major roads were somewhat scanty until around afternoon time.
Some residents sympathetic to the Biafra cause however stayed indoors
It was also observed that all the schools both private and public were shut down.
Some private schools had earlier on the previous day directed their pupils to remain at home although people believe it was not unconnected with the sit at home order.
The exercise was however generally peaceful as no incidents of casualties were reported in any part of the state.
Nnamdi Kanu during a rally at Nri in 2017.


The Police Public Relations Officers,  Mr. Geoffrey Ogbonna,  confirmed this when contacted.
Ogbonna said no report of violence had been received in any part of the state.
Meanwhile the Eastern Consultative Forum has congratulated the people of South East and South South for complying with the order.
Secretary of the forum,  Eliot Uko,  in a statement made available to Wawa News Global   said the exercise recorded over 80% success.
Eliot who also doubles as the Deputy Secretary,  Igbo Leaders of Thought, said the high level of compliance recorded among the masses across major cities and towns in the zones was a clear indication that the people are with IPOB.
” This clearly shows that IPOB has won “, he declared.
The statement read in part : The  sympathy IPOB is enjoying today by the over 85% compliance you see, is a confirmation that the people are completely tired of Nigeria.
“Apart from Enugu city,Abakaliki and maybe Awka town, everywhere else in the region was completely locked down, Aba,Nnewi,Umuahia,Onitsha,Owerri etc,were all paralyzed.
“Ndigbo have spoken in an unmistakable voice “WE ARE  WITH IPOB “
That statement is loud and clear. If the political class and the elite club,together with the Igbo government contractors are not careful,they may see the masses turn against them.
Biafra women protesters in Owerri
“The sharp division between the leaders and the led has widened, the gulf is getting deeper and wider,making the political leaders, generals without troops or leaders without followers.
“In spite of all that was done surreptitiously to both threaten and induce people to come out to defy the IPOB order, yet the people complied over 80%.
“That says it all. IPOB has defeated its adversaries. They will define the direction, tone, and eventual outcome of the general elections five   months away. IPOB has won.”
Similarly,  IPOB has congratulated residents of South East and South South for complying with the order.
A statement by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary,  Emma Powerful,  said the exercise was a huge success despite oppositions by the security operatives in collaboration with the political leaders.
He said that no amount of intimidation would stop the struggle for Biafra independence.
Below is a full text of the statement :
“The global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership commend the worldwide family of IPOB, all traders unions, market leaders, artisans, teachers, bankers, road transport workers, clergy, business men and women across the length and breadth of Biafraland for observing a solemn day of remembrance in memory of those that died on 14 September 2017 at Isiama Afaraukwu Umuahia.
“Our collective defiance of the oppressor and their local agents have truly marked IPOB as the authentic mouthpiece of the people.
“We equally commend people of Ebonyi, Abia, Anambra, Rivers, Delta, Imo, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers States and Biafrans in Benue, Edo and Kogi States for their respect and honour of our fallen martyrs at Afaraukwu and mothers who were humiliated in Owerri recently. We are particularly elated that Yenegoa and parts of Bayelsa demonstrated their Biafra credentials by equally preserving the sit-at-home order.
“The predictable biased report from Enugu, accompanied by unrelated photos as a result of heavily induced payment from the state government and other actors, did not conceal the fact that over 70 per cent compliance was recorded in Enugu metropolis and Abakaliki respectively.
“Videos and live footage of the state of our towns and villages abound. No amount of distortion, arm twisting or media manipulation will excuse the fact that overwhelming majority of Biafrans obeyed IPOB order to sit-at-home. We have left the saboteurs in shame- hopelessly clinging on to the crumbs of comfort that total lock-down was not recorded at the vicinity of Enugu Government House.
“IPOB have once again proven to the entire world that that we Biafrans and in charge of the whole Eastern Region.  Today’s sit at home order issued by IPOB and observed by Biafrans is purely indicative to all and sundry that Biafra has come to stay and we salute their courage.
“We must not fail to thank those brave men and women of the press that boldly reported the truth. The efforts of saboteurs to use journalists to subvert the truth have failed. For how long will South East governors continue relying on the power of money to distort facts which are already public knowledge.
“Only those in far flung places may be deceived but those in other parts of  Enugu State like Nsukka and Obolo-afor will testify that markets were shut down, roads deserted.
“IPOB will over the coming days continue the release of time stamped video clips and photographs to drive home the truth that compliance across the board in Biafraland to be above 90%.”
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