June 11, 2023

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I’m not jittery over 2019, ‘ll never defect to APC – Sen Orji, Takes position on impeachment plot against Saraki, Ekweremadu

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I’m not jittery over 2019, won’t defect to APC – Sen Orji
. Dares his challengers to meet him at the field
. Speaks on impeachment plot against Saraki,  Ekweremadu
By Steve Oko
Senator Theodore Orji
Abia former Governor and the incumbent Senator representing Abia Central zone , Senator Theodore Orji , has declared that contrary to propaganda by his detractors, he is not losing sleep over 2019 poll.
Orji who made the assertion in an interview with Wawa News Global,  dared his opponents to meet him at the field and test his political dexterity.
Senator Orji who said that his performances so far at the red chamber would earn him a return ticket, dismissed as empty boasts, the threat by his opponents to dislodge him at the poll.
He said he had within his stay at the senate given a good account of himself “both in terms of legislative acumen  and human empowerment”.
He noted that though a first timer, he had sponsored over ten bills at various stages of legislation besides motions and numerous other tangible and intangible achievements.
The senator explained that his endorsements by his constituents  for a second term were based on his performance, adding that the people are eagerly waiting to renew his mandate at the poll ” because I have touched many lives both as Governor and now a senator”.
Asked if he felt bothered about the threats by some of his former allies and beneficiaries to displace him in 2019, he said his re-election bid was not under any known threat.
He challenged his opponents to be ready to meet him at the field instead of dissipating their energy in empty propaganda and blackmail.
His words : I am not at all afraid of my opponents and their threats. I have advanced politically. I am not a politician of yesterday. Obviously I have those challenging me but what I can tell them is , lets go to the field.
“One of the bitter aspects of politics is that people you have made politically, people you helped in life are the same people who will turn around without any justifications to start fighting you, castigating you just to pull you down.
“But these things don’t bother me. Once you are in touch with the electorate. Once you are in touch with your constituents you don’t have to lose sleep. Some of these critics don’t even vote. They are only after press conferences discussing the same man.
“I am their problem. They are afraid of me that is why they keep discussing me in every of their press conference. If they are not afraid of me why do they discuss me every day. The press also wants to shine with my name because when they publish any article about me they make high sales. Those thighs however don’t bother me because if people don’t criticise you you are not doing well.”
Senator Orji however, acknowledged that the 2019 polls would not be easy by said he had fully prepared to coast to victory.
“There is no election that is easy. Election is a mini war. You have to be prepared to fight the war. All you need do is get ready to fight the battle. It has never been easy even in 2015. You have to work hard because it is hard work that will earn you success whether you are in opposition or in the ruling party.
“If you say you are in the ruling party a d you don’t work hard you will be won.  If you know your onions how to work very hard you will always win.”
Asked if he would for any reason consider defecting to the ruling All Progressive Party ( APC) , the former Governor said he did not need to defect to another party to win election, maintaining that he has found a home in the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP).
”  I don’t need to defect to APC. I have found a home in PDP. Politicians are not the same, every  person  has his interest. But there are people who are disciplined in politics and I am one of them. I am okay in PDP. I will stay there and work hard and win my elections. I don’t need to defect to another party.
“Check out,  those who are defecting have reasons they are defecting. May be they did not get what they want. I have not seen any reason why I should defect. “
On the impeachment threats against the Senate President , Bukola Saraki; and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu , by some  APC senators, Orji said the Senate presiding officers could not be easily removed without due process.
He said that the constitutional procedure for removing them had to be followed and that any attempt to subvert the constitution would  be  vigorously resisted by all lovers of democracy from across party divides.
Orji cautioned those plotting Saraki’s removal not to circumvent the constitution , adding that the Senate President and his teeming supporters have  the capacity to counter the antics of his detractors.
“It is only a tree that you will tell that you want to cut it and it will stay in one place until you bring your machete and cut it down. It is not so with human beings. Senate President  Saraki is not a tree. He has his own tactics and he can’t just be impeached without due process.
“You think he will just go and fold his hands and sleep and allow APC to impeach him? That is not possible. Impeachment has a process. Nobody can impeach Saraki without the due process. People have to talk and if you don’t have the heart you start shaking. All the people there are all seasoned politicians . They know what to do. It is politics and battle of survival.”
Senator Orji urged Abians to respect the principles of Abia Charter of Equity which recommends rotation of political power among the three senatorial zones in the state.
” My message to Abians is to remind them that our  founding fathers gave us a template, and I advise them to follow that template as captured in the Abia Charter of Equity which also recommends power ration among the three senatorial zones.”
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