June 11, 2023

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God told me Nigeria ‘ll split into three after invasion by five countries – Prophet

Prophet Martin Okpara

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God is angry with Nigeria – Prophet

. Says Nigeria ‘ll split into three after invasion by five countries
. Predicts 3rd ww may start from Nigeria if…
By Steve Oko
An Umuahia -based prophetic  Pastor, Martin Okpara,  has declared that God is angry with Nigeria, warning that if the country does not urgently turn away from its atrocities God’s wrath will soon be poured on the residents.
The cleric in his prophetic message entitled : ” Warning Messages from the Lord Almighty to Nigerian”, said God told him he would soon visit Nigeria with his wrath.
He distributed copies of the message to journalists on Wednesday at the Nigeria Union of Jounarlists, NUJ Press Centre Umuahia.
The 66 year old prophet and pastor with the Christ Apostolic Church,  said God told him that unless there is urgent and genuine repentance in the country ” he  will instigate five countries to invade Nigeria”.
” These countries (invaders)  will share and divide Nigeria into three countries; country no. 4 will rise from the sea, I the Lord will sink it into the ocean “, he added.
The Imo State -born prophetic pastor who said God had revealed to him the death of late Head of State,  Gen
 Sani Abacha four days before his death, warned the Nigeria authorities not to joke with the message.
He further said that God allowed Nigeria’s amalgamation because none of the constituent nations then was strong enough to stand on its own.
” I the Lord creates and divides nations with rivers,  valleys, vast deserts,  wilderness,  mountains and hill “, he added.
Prophet Martin Okpara


He warned that Nigeria should avoid violent dismembership otherwise the third World War might break out from the country.

” Let there be no shooting of gun. If there is any gun shots the third world war will start from Nigeria. And no evil leader will escape even if they run to other country, I will still visit them. “
The prophet also said God revealed to him that some countries are holding secret meetings against Nigeria with an evil intention to foist their anti God agenda on the country but that God himself will disappoint them.
On the global scene the prophet said that “Anti-Christ is trying to united the world with Olympic games and common currency”.
He, however, predicted that no matter how hard the world tries to unite, peace will continue  to elude it until Jesus returns .
” There will be no peace in the world till I  (Jesus) comes again”, he averred.
He predicted that plane crashes, ship wrecks, flooding and other catastrophic phenomena would be on the increase globally .
The cleric however, enjoined Christians to be steadfast in prayer and not to relent in righteousness so as not to escape the impending doom.
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