July 22, 2024

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True meaning of Igbo

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Chief Nnia Nwodo, National President of Ohaneze Ndigbo

True meaning of Igbo
( By anonymous writer. Source: WhatsApp user )

I Go Before Others meaning “IGBO” -The pride of the Black Race and the Favourite of God! The First Mathmatician in Africa Igbo, The First Black Millionaire Igbo, The First Black Skin to win medal in the world , Igbo, The First People to seperate Siemens Twins in Africa Igbo,The First Black man that wrote a Novel that was translated to more than 5,000 Languages on earth, Igbo, The First black man that slapped a British slave master because of how he treats Blacks, IGBO, The First Individually richest tribe in Africa producing the highest individual Billionaires with means of livelihood IGBO, The First Tribe that discovered China and makes them what they are today in terms of commerce and industry IGBO, The Largest market in Africa IGBO, The smartest and the most intelligent race in Africa according to Forbes Magazines and New York Times IGBO, The Father of Internet IGBO, The Largest quality industrial cluster in Africa Located at Nnewi IGBO, This name Igbo for me is uniquely unique. They are blessed beyond measures and are the favourite of Yaweh. Put them in dungeon and see paradise created, Curse them and become a Curse, IGBOS are enigmatic and special race, a blessing to the world. No wonder NNAMDI AZIKIWE said that God created Igboman to librate Africa from colonial idiocy(Google it). Time will not permit me to start mentioning great illustrious sons of Igbo extraction but all I can say is that Africa is not complete without the Igbo. I am proud to be Igbo.

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