September 22, 2023

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Run-away Enugu quadruplet father resurfaces  after Ugwuanyi’s aide pays hospital bills * Says he ‘s now happy father 

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Run-away Enugu quadruplet father resurfaces  after Ugwuanyi’s aide pays hospital bills
* Says he ‘s now happy father

From Maurice Okafor, Enugu

Mr Ifeanyi Ugwu, who reportedly abandoned his wife, Mrs Precious Ebere Ugwu, after she gave birth to  a quadruplet at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital [ESUTH], Parklane, Enugu, has resurfaced.
His reappearance came less than one week after a Media Aide to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,   Mr Jonathan Emmanuel, and  his wife, Pharmacist Nkechinyere, picked the hospital bill.
Mr Emmanuel in a group photograph with the family
Moved by pity over the condition of the abandoned  Mrs. Precious and her four babies , the Governor’s Aide  whose passion for philanthropy is remarkable,  stormed the hospital on Wednesday, June 19 and settled the hospital bill after reading about the incident on facebook.
Meanwhile, the run-away husband but now elated, has since re-united with the family, though with apologies to the wife for absconding when it counted most. 

Speaking with Wawa News Global on phone , Ugwu expressed gratitude to Almighty God for his love and  kindness, and all the people whom God used to come to their rescue.

 He said that he was in great pain as at the time his wife was delivered of the quadruplet due to his poor financial state following the collapse of  his small scale business.
He showered encomiums on the Governor’s Aide for his humanitarian gesture which has rekindled the hope of the family.
Ugwu, however, appealed for additional  support from members of the public to enable him start off a new business, so he can fend for his family

It was equally gathered that the wife, Mrs Precious Ugwu is an unemployed graduate but entered into marriage with his hearthrob, both of whom hails from a community in Nsukka local government area of  Enugu state.  .

 For the young couple, the much they expected when they decided to go into conjugal relationship was a twin in view of their economic background.
But the Almighty God in his wisdom blessed them in multiples in the first pregnancy, as the wife Precious was safely delivered of  quadruplet by gynecologists at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital [ESUTH], Parklane Enugu.

But the gift of three boys and a girl at one delivery instead of being a thing of joy to the couple became a source of worry, obviously due to their low economic background amidst prevailing economic hardship in the country. But why the husband, Mr Ifeanyi Ugwu, decided to abandon his wife with the four kids at nobody’s care is a story for another day. 

Though the pitiable condition of the wife and four kids attracted the sympathy of the hospital workers and visiting members of the public, it was not to the extent of letting her to go without paying her hospital bills, as she was finally discharged on May 27.
She remained within the premises of the hospital in line with the hospital’s existing culture of not allowing a discharged but indebted patient go from the hospital until whenever, payable.

Eventually help came their way, as Mr Jonathan Emmanuel, an aide to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and  his wife, Pharmacist Nkechinyere, brought the needed respite.
They stormed  ESUTH, Parklane, Enugu, located Mrs Ugwu and her quadruplet, paid her bills and urged her to pack up her baggage.

With tears of joy, Mrs Ugwu left the hospital.
She complained of her helpless situation in their rented house  at Olympic Street, off One-Day Road, Agbani Road,without any close help,due to remoteness of the area.

Wawa News Global  gathered that  Mr Jonathan Emmanuel and wife, decided to assist her the more with her domestic needs, after conveying her and the quadruplets home on a private car.
They also initiated the idea of seeking additional help from spirited members of the public, paying into the couples bank account.

Mrs Ugwu in a telephone chat confirmed to Wawa News Global that assistance has gradually started trickling in, as she also confirmed the return of her husband Mr Ifeanyi Ugwu.

In an interview, the benefactor disclosed that he has no previous knowledge of the couple, but was disturbed in his spirit when he read the precarious condition of Mrs Ugwu and her quadruplet on facebook.
According to him , through the mutual understanding between him and his wife after their discussion, they decided to render help. 

He however  did not disclose the actual amount they used in offsetting the hospital bill, but said they considered making the action public, so as to attract the sympathy of other spirited individuals to the plight of Mrs Ugwu and her quadruplets.
“Otherwise we would have gone to pay the bills silently and quietly return to our house”, he said. 

However, he admitted he is emulating the humane nature of Governor Ugwuanyi, who has been imparting on the lives of the down trodden in  society, even before he became the governor of Enugu state.
But in his own case, he is only doing the very little he can afford with the support and understanding of his wife.

Wawa News Global checks revealed that  Mr Jonathan and wife, had also  resuscitated a mentally deranged girl, a graduate of banking and Finance at Federal Pneuro psychiatric hospital Enugu, and thereafter rehabilitated and re united her with her family.
Likewise, they have conducted free medical test and drug administration for the rural dwellers in their community, in Igbo Eze South local government area of Enugu State.

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