September 19, 2023

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Nnamdi Kanu to S’East govs : You ‘re cowards  for allowing Miyetti Allah get away with ‘criminal request’ to set up Fulani vigilantes * Spits fire 

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Nnamdi Kanu to S’East govs : You ‘re cowards  for allowing Miyetti Allah get away with ‘criminal request’ to set up Fulani vigilantes

* Spits fire

By Steve Oko

Leader of the  Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has expressed furry and shock over the temerity of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, to ask for permission to establish Fulani vigilantes in South East, describing it as the height of insult against Ndigbo.

Kanu in a statement he personally issued on Friday , likened “the criminal demand  to telling someone in advance that you are coming to rob his house”.

MACBAN, had  during the South-East Security Summit organized by the South-East Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture, SECCIMA, in collaboration with South-East Governors Forum, SEGF, asked for permission  to set up Fulani youths vigilante in every community in South East. 

The summit was held in Enugu on Thursday, July 20.

Gov. Dave Umahi, Chairman SEGF

Kanu also blasted the South East Governors for allowing MACBAN “get away with the request”, which he claimed had ulterior motives.

He accused the Governors of cowardice, asking them if they could imagine Igbo traders in Kano making similar requests from their host communities  with such audacity.

The IPOB Leader said members of the cattle breeders association ought to have been arrested on the spot.

He further argued that Operation Python Dance was launched in South East when IPOB attempted to set up its own vigilante unit known as Biafra Security Services, BSS, wondering why MACBAN would be allowed to get away with the demand.

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The IPOB Leader warned South East Governors against conceeding to the request secretly.

He also vowed to vehemently resist any attempt to grant such demand which he said posed grave security risk to Igbo land.

Kanu further warned Miyetti Allah to tread with caution as IPOB is ready to defend every inch of Biafra land against any invasion.

The IPOB leader said jihad or Fulanisation agenda would not succeed in any part of Biafra.

Both Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the pan -Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere had also angrily reacted to the demand.

President General of Ohanaeze, Chief Nnia Nwodo said granting the request amounted to handing over Igbo land to invaders and vowed to resist it  while Yinka Odumakin who spoke for Afenifere said it was insulting and provocative.

Below is a full text of the press release obtained by Wawa News Global :

“I condemn in totality, both in letter and spirit the underhand agreement between South East Governors and Fulani terrorists that led to the idiotic call by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), the fouth most deadly terror group in the world, for the establishment of Fulani terrorist vigilante groups in Igboland Biafra.

“Without much ado, I wish to state as follows:

1. That it is extremely shocking and shameful that, at a time when Fulani cattle herders have turned to terrorists and ravaging the North, Middle Belt and Yorubaland, Southeast Governors allowed Miyetti Allah to get away with such criminal demand on our soil. It’s akin to telling someone in advance that you are coming to rob his house and he allowed you to just walk away, while pleading with you that you should reconsider. Instead of ordering their immediate arrest on the spot for daring to so brazenly reveal their criminal intention to invade Igboland, the spineless cowards that pass for SouthEast Governors appear to want to accommodate their demands. No doubt as payback for being rigged back into power by Abba Kyari led Fulani Cabal that run the government of Nigeria in the name of a dead Buhari.

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2.. Miyetti Allah a mere cattle trading association, that later turned into a militant … organisation is now openly threatening to conquer Igboland with the help of Igbo governors. It defies logic that Southeast Governors would care to give audience in the open in Igboland to an organisation that has been rated the fourth deadliest terrorist organisation in the world. Did the Southeast Governors stop to consider that Biafran traders in the far North, even though law abiding, can never be given the audience and reverence that these Southeast governors have so shamefully extended to Miyetti Allah.

3. Considering the weak and rambling response of Governor Dave Umahi to this criminal demand, we are certain these Southeast Governors have already granted this request; and in the unlikely event they have not, it’s highly probable that they will, albeit secretly. In such event, I hereby warn Miyetti Allah, Southeast Governors and their collaborators in the Southeast and elsewhere in Nigeria that IPOB will not tolerate the establishment of any Fulani militia, masquerading as vigilantes, in Southeast or anywhere else in Biafraland.

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4.We recall that it is the stated intention of IPOB to set up vigilante services, otherwise known as Biafran Security Services (BSS) that was used as the immediate excuse by the same Southeast Governors to proscribe IPOB, whereupon they proceeded to invite the Government of Nigeria to declare IPOB a terrorist organisation, all of which culminated in the Python Dance that claimed scores of innocent Biafran lives.

We are eagerly waiting for Miyetti Allah and their Fulani terror militia in Biafraland, an adventure they will regret for as long as they live. Their ancestors tried the same nonsense 300 years ago and returned to Zaria in humiliation, so will this Fulani army of darkness fail in 2019. Fulani caliphate must know that IPOB will not allow any of piece of Biafran territory to become another Illorin. We are waiting for Miyetti Allah with open arms.


“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

“IPOB Leader “

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