September 19, 2023

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CSO  blasts IG, presidency, NASS over extra judiciary killings

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CSO  blasts IG, presidency, NASS over extra judiciary killings
By  Steve Oko
Peeved by the rising cases of extra judicial killings by some  security personnel in Nigeria, a coalition of civil society organisations, COSCON, has lambasted the Inspector General of Police, IGP,  the presidency as well as members of the National Assembly for their inability to bring the killer cops to  justice.
COSCON which is the umbrella body of all Civil Society groups in Nigeria said the inaction and criminal silence by the authorities were the reasons the monster had persisted with impunity.
According to the ground the spate of extra judiciary  killings by the police and other security agencies in Nigeria had reached a disturbing height.
In a press statement by  its Director of programmes Edomobi Promise, COSCON
raised the alarm that “there are killer squads in the Nigeria police whose aim is to kill innocent Nigerians with impunity”.
The group wondered why the IG of police , the Presidency and the National
Assembly had abandoned hapless Nigerians to their fate in the hands of the killer cops.
Accusing the authorities of criminal silence, COSCON urged Nigerians for mass action to compel the concerned authorities to take urgent measures to curb the evil.
It also called for the stoppage of security votes to the President and Governors saying it is no longer justifiable in the face of the persistent extra judiciary killings by security personnel.
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