September 18, 2023

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Presidential poll : Stop pressurising Atiku to concede defeat , meet him in court if you aren’t afraid ,  activist tells Buhari

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Presidential poll : Stop pressurising Atiku to concede defeat , meet him in court if you aren’t afraid ,  activist tells Buhari
By Steve Oko
 Human rights activist, Comrade Paul  Njoku, has told  President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, to stop pressurising the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar to concede defeat and shelve heading to the tribunal to contest his defeat.
Njoku who said it was obvious Atiku won the poll told Buhari and his party that no amount of pressure on the former Vice President will dissuade him from reclaiming his stolen mandate at the court.
He decried the high level of rigging displayed in the presidential poll by the ruling party, saying it is a grave threat to the Nigeria democracy.
“It is not over untill it is over. It is not yet over till the peoples’ stolen mandate is reclaimed from President Buhari!
“We reject the type of ethno-racial security arrangements, under-age voting, issuance of PVC to aliens, multiple voting, mass thumb- printing, rapacious padding, killings, sporadic shootings, inflation of vote figures and lopsided rigging experienced in the just concluded 2019 general elections.
“Buhari should stop persuading and begging Atiku Abubakar by proxy to concede defeat and to shun going to court to challenge the nonsensical outcome of the general elections tagged as the worst electoral exercise in the Nigeria history.
“It is Atiku’s constitutional and civic rights to challenge  the purported victory ascribed to Buhari in the court!
“The ruling party should stop panicking and harassing Atiku’s family members into submission and complexity because they cannot be broken into cowardice. Buhari should recall that he judicially challenged all the outcomes of the Presidential elections held in the past which he was a party in participation.
“Apart from keeping the hopes of millions of Nigeria voters who are the undeclared winners of the 2019 Presidential Poll alive and retrieving back their Sacred mandate, the final pronouncement of the Supreme Court in the instant case, will holistically address and criminalize massive electoral malpractices in the Northern part of Nigeria.
“Perhaps, if PDP had gone to court in 2015 against the electoral malpractices perpetrated against the former President Goodluck Jonathan mostly in the North and passed the vital organ of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law, several anomalies would have been critically averted and addressed.
“Based on the purposes of “ratio decidendi” or “orbiter dicta/dictum”, Atiku must litigate against this armada of electoral fraud called 2019 Presidential Poll, otherwise, Nigerians would be disappointed in him and the blood of the Innocent     who were brutally murdered at the poll shall speak volume.
“It has gotten so bad in Nigeria that those equipped with the titles of “Senior Advocates of the Supreme Court of Nigeria” SANs, have also abandoned the judiciary to the extent that the likes of Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, and Femi Falana, SAN, are now leading the campaign urging aggrieved parties such as Atiku, etc and the generality of Nigerians not to go to court for their chances of victory are minutely slim.
“I share the sentiments of most of Nigerians that the current President of the Court of Appeal (Zaniab Adamu Bulkachuwa) in whose confine selection of members of the electoral tribunals in Nigeria lies, who is also the wife of the APC Senator-elect for Bauchi State (Adamu Bulkachuwa) but there are still established ways to successfully handle corrupt or compromised Judges or those with vested interests such as availability of watertight evidence, knowledgeable and integrity personified lawyers and involvement of conscience of the society (i.e  media, rights activists and groups, democracy watchdogs and sanction safeguards).
“In other words, Atiku must litigate against this armada of the 2019 Presidential electoral fraud”.
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