December 2, 2023

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I’m man of equity, I don’t believe in cheating – Sen Orji  * Extends olive branch to opponents 

Sen. Theodore Orji

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I’m man of equity, I don’t believe in cheating – Sen Orji
* Extends olive branch to opponents
 Steve Oko
Senator Theodore Orji representing Abia Central senatorial district who was declared winner of the February 23 contest, has said he would remain a strong advocate of equity.
Orji who made the declaration while fielding questions from newsmen on his electoral victory, said his advocacy for equity and remarkable achievements at the senate fetched him victory at the poll.
The former Governor said there was an arrangement put in place by stakeholders in Abia Central zone which recommended rotation of power between the Ngwa and Ikwuano- Umuahia political blocs.
He regretted that Senator Nkechi Nwogu of the All Progressive Congress who was a beneficiary of the unwritten agreement decided to oppose the equity charter because of greed.
Orji said Nwogu who was the first politician from the zone to serve two terms as a senator but wanted to shortchange the Umuahia bloc of their own slot.
“We agreed that the Ngwa people and Ikwuano -Umuahia bloc will serve one term at the Senate on rotation basis but when it got to the turn of Nkechi Nwogu she asked for another term and got it.
“When it is the turn of Umuahia -Ikwuano to have their second term she came out again to contest. That is why the people rejected her.
“I am a man of equity. I don’t believe in cheating.
“I have never lost an election. All my elections have been a landslide. I defeated my opponents even in their LGAs and polling booths. It’s a sign the people have rejected them. “
Orji, however, extended olive branch to his opponents, urging them to support him in the spirit of sportsmanship.
He  said his opponents should consider the period of campaigns over and queue behind him to move the zone forward.
Orji argued that the more reason he was soliciting the support of his challengers at the poll was because the democracy dividends he would attract would also benefit them both directly and indirectly.
He noted with regrets that since he was declared winner of the contest, non of his fellow contestants had called to congratulate him, an attitude he said Igbo politicians should eschew.
Orji , however,  thanked his constituents for reposing confidence in him by renewing his mandate,  and promised not to let them down.
He promised that the zone would witnessed more democracy gains under his second tenure.
” My people should expect more democracy dividends in my second term. They have paid their dues by re-electing me. I’m the one owing them now. It’s my turn to pay back. “
Orji noted that his achievements so far at the red chamber plus the charter of equity which recommended rotation of power between the Ngwa and Ikwuano- Umuahia political blocs facilitated his victory at the poll.
” I knew I would excell because I based my campaigns on facts while my opponents were busy engaging on campaign of calumny, character assassination and hate speech.
“Before the election I published a score card of my achievements. 180 undergraduates have benefited from my scholarship scheme, and over 650 benefited from my free eye surgery scheme.”
Orji said he had visible projects including water projects in every council in the zone.
He also said many had benefited from his numerous empowerment  programmes and human capacity building.
Senator Orji who said he remained a strong advocate of equity restated his resolve to quit partisan politics at the expiration of his second tenure in 2023.


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