September 22, 2023

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March 2 Abia governorship race : How parties stand

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March 2 Abia governorship race : How parties stand
By Ugochukwu Johnson
ABIA NORTH = APC 33%, APGA 31%, PDP 33% and others.
ABIA CENTRAL = APC 15%, APGA 35%, PDP 43% and others.
ABIA SOUTH = APC 4%, APGA 23%, PDP 71% and others.
In the final analysis, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu will be returned.
However, APGA is highly likely to win Aba North,  Aba South and Ikwuano state constituencies, while that of  Osisioma and Isialangwa South are very close call. The PDP candidate, Mr Speaker, should redouble efforts if not olala ooo.
Ugwunnagbo, just like the two constituencies in Obingwa is already signed, sealed and shall be massively delivered for the PDP. However, Ukwa  East and West, especially Ukwa East may slip off  the PDP for APGA. If PDP survives it there, it will be with a slim margin. These people are not happy with the party. There’s  pent-up anger amongst the people over the Senatorial seat. Onu Okwubunka erugi na nkea!
The case of Umuahia East and Central have been settled. In fact, these ones have no serious rivals.
But the Umuahia North state constituency seat is going to be keenly contested. Again, APGA may ferociously interrogate the place of PDP in Ohuhu politics. Anti party activities occasioned by the preponderances of those who are unhappy, not necessarily against the party but the flag bearer, may be the Achilles’s hill of the PDP. The factor that threw him up may throw him out.  But the Guber candidate of the PDP will receive tremendous support from Ohuhu. Reasonable parentage of the voting population and some  bigwigs are happy with the incumbent governor.
YPP governorship candidate in Abia, Joseph Nkoro
Umuahia South state constituency appears to be the only place the APC will show some element of strength but the badly depleted goodwill and/or fortune of the incumbent APGA man coupled with the coming together of some big shots under the PDP will strengthen the chances of Omena Dollar, the PDP candidate.
All the state constituencies in Abia North are open to the three leading parties. Not even a single local government can authoritatively be said to be in the hands of the ruling PDP except only for Bende North, where the incumbent had performed exceptionally well and had worked himself into the hearts of both the high and low with his charismatic touch. But the chances of the party in Bende South is equally bright given the wider acceptability of Ijiriji, but the OUK factor cannot be be treated with a wave of the hand. APGA may return the Arochukwu guy due to Otti  factor.
The arrival of Chaka Chukwumerije into the ring among other factors is the only thing that made the race an open one in umunneochi LGA. If not, it would have been seamlessly a PDP thing. The young guy is a very formidable force and he networks very well. Let watch and see how it goes there. Do not write the incumbent off, a particular factor reinvigorated his campaign coupled with Onyejeocha and Ogah factors. He is enjoying reflected popularity.
Ohafia! Ohafia!!  Ohafia!!. Over squad de worry them. As you know, over squad De kill a team.
Hon. Ugochukwu Johnson,  a former General Manager of Abia Line Transport Network wrote from Umunneochi.
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