September 22, 2023

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Nnamdi kanu and Igbo leadership saga : The political implications and dilemma for the Igbo race 

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Nnamdi kanu and Igbo leadership saga : The political implications and dilemma for the Igbo race


In the 1950/60s only the IGBO political leaders wanted a “United Nigeria”. Only the IGBO leaders formed a ‘NATIONAL’ PARTY, even though Nigeria’s political system right from birth was “TRIBAL”. It was Zik’s “NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NIGERIA AND THE CAMEROONS”, later, “NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NIGERIAN CITIZENS” (NCNC). The North was “NORTHERN PEOPLE’S CONGRESS” (NPC), today APC/PDP. The West was “ACTION GROUP”, today ACN or ‘SOMETHING’.

NDIGBO wanted “ONE NIGERIA”. ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA AND AHMADU BELLO, SARDAUNA OF SOKOTO warned the British never to unite Nigeria. The North was for the Northerners! Period! Still the then Leader of the Igbo race/tribe – Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik of Africa) stood his ground for “One Nigeria”. He did not want BIAFRA and never recognized Biafra, even though he was instrumental to the recognition accorded Biafra by four African nations and HAITI.


Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader


A dangerous Python of over 100 feet long without a head is dead, beaten, conquered and finished by the enemy surely. Igbos are like that Python today; their intelligence, hard work, ingenuity, and power notwithstanding. The Northerners and the Westerners have their traditional and political leaders. Outside the Almighty God, Chukwu Abiamara, Jahweh, Allah (depending on where you are coming from), their traditional leaders are their ‘gods’. Igbos seem to have none today – no Leader – traditional, political or religious! (READ JEREMIAH 14:17ff) “Why have you struck us down so that there is no healing for us? We look for peace, but find no good; for a time of healing, but there is terror instead. We acknowledge our wickedness………” We have no leader, no prophets, no place for offerings……”


Chief Nnia Nwodo, National President of Ohaneze Ndigbo


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The biblical wise men from the East were searching for the newborn child (Jesus). The star took them to their destination. Unfortunately something terrible happened! HEROD massacred little kids under the age of two! Why?

And in IGBOLAND there arose a STAR from the EAST (not from ‘nowhere’) to lead the ‘leaderless’, marginalized, persecuted, alienated, impoverished Igbo race. Like the Jews of the Old who once cried to Jahweh at that time of need, Igbos greeted the day NNAMDI KANU was born. He spoke like a prophet and the whole Igbo youths and some elderly wise and intelligent Igbos followed him.

Abia monarchs in a group photograph after endorsing Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu for a second term in office

Igbo sworn enemies went for the life of NNAMDI KANU. They did not like Nnamdi Kanu. He would tamper with their ‘KINGSHIP!’ They planned to put him to death. HEROD send out a decree. They organized their PYTHON DANCE and massacred Igbo youths as they could not capture the New Born Child. ODIKWA EGWU!

Why should Igbos watch and let Nigerian soldiers kill their son, or have a hand in the death of the boy who called them ‘FATHER!”


THE YOUTHS AND THE PEOPLE ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN! Today it is APC, later, in the evening PDP, tomorrow APGA. After a year or two the present-day politicians reverse the gear – APGA, PDP. APC! Wow! Why are they hovering between two royalties. Prophet Elijah had to confront these ‘prophets of Baal’ at Mount Carmel. They are traitors, gamblers, rouges, drug barons, traffickers, money launderers, thieves, who have betrayed Igbo race, their fatherland.
“Elijah then came near to all the people, and said, “How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” The people did not answer him a word.”

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These Igbo political ramblers have not developed IGBOLAND. No industries, no employment, no electricity, no water, no roads, no security, no food, no pensions, no gratuity. In abundance Igbos have misery, hunger and insecurity. Igbos have in abundance shameless political opportunists. There are no IGBO POLITICAL PATRIOTS!


And there is one. He has most of the qualities, though no one is a Saint – patriotic, good head, leadership qualities, young, outspoken, honest, sincere, multi-lingual, well-informed and lively. Igbos need a PATRIOT; Igbo patriot, not a STATE OR ‘SECTIONAL LEADER, but a leader who can carry the entire Igbo nation along


NDIGBO; Your enemies are telling you that you are no more the Pre-war smart Igbos they used to fear and respect. Repent, recover, and regain your lost status and prestige! Why should the so-called IGBO ELITE look down on NNAMDI KANU? Is it because he comes from AFARA, a bush village somewhere? Had he come from a certain popular Igbo community, perhaps he would have been a hero? Igbos; Is it because he practices Judaism ? Which religion is yours?

NDIGBO do you believe APC/PDP/APGA and those who represent them in IGBOLAND will save you from your predicaments? At the worst why not dump these three PARTIES and queue behind AN ENTIRELY NEW FRESH FIGURE OR PARTY?? That will be a great REVOLUTION!

Do you want another experiment of “from the frying pan into the fire” & “Birds of the same feather?” I am sure that if NNAMDI KANU were welcomed back to IGBOLAND and offered the needed safety by his own people, NDIGBO; surely he would be the ONLY ONE who can mobilize the entire IGBO RACE, home and in the DIASPORA. If he revives the dead IGBO PARTY NCNC, such will be a new beginning for Igbo race! All the other foreign fake parties would automatically disappear! Do you need to be convinced? Igbos need to beg Nnamdi Kanu ‘to go for us’, while there is still some light!

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Nigeria, under Yakubu Gowon, the British, the Northern religious and political leaders (the cabal), at the ABURI GHANA CONFERENCE lost the greatest opportunity to keep the IGBO/BIAFRA within the British enclave called Nigeria. It was a catastrophe! Again they are missing or losing another wonderful opportunity to negotiate with the ONLY CREDIBLE IGBO LEADER, NNAMDI KANU!! Igbos don’t understand that their enemies want the Igbos and Igbo nation disjointed, disorganized, confused, disunited and fighting among themselves. Igbos don’t understand that their enemies don’t want their younger generation to survive!

One emerging Igbo political aspirant was questioned by a seasoned Yoruba journalist during an interview: “But you betrayed your kinsman, Ojukwu and Igbo people by abandoning APGA…..!!” Mute! The question was repeated and the candidate could not respond. NDIGBO and the so-called elites, I believe Igbo people have their last chance of survival today.

After the Igbo patriots – NNAMDI AZIKIWE and ODUMEGWU EMEKA OJUKWU, and perhaps SAMUEL ONUNAKA MBAKWE – the only existing, credible and patriotic Igbo leader the Igbo people have is NNAMDI KANU. If there is any other one you know, dead or alive, let me, your people, Nigerians and the world know. We will be waiting to hear a name or more! God bless you for your patience.

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