September 20, 2023

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Book review : Senator T. A Orji, the silent achiever

Sen. Theodore Orji

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Book Review : Senator T. A Orji,  the Silent Achiever

By Ifeanyi Umere


The Silent Achiever Senator T A Orji’s innovative leadership is challenging many and fast-changing stereotypes, long-held beliefs and preconceived ideas. His ground-breaking legacies, charisma and intellectual prowess are being applauded by both friends and foes alike. And depending on whom you speak with, T A could be anything from good to bad, smart to stupid, a snub to a buddy and a hunter to the hunted.


Like you, I thought I had him figured out, but, hanging out with the senator while writing this book exposed me to a side of him that no interview session, no matter how long, could have given anyone the opportunity to view.


This book, therefore, is a sneak peek of his legacies in the Senate in just 3 years and other landmark legacies that stand him apart from his contemporaries or that made him ‘Capo di tutti,’ meaning ‘the leader of leaders.’ It’s a must-read for all upwardly mobile and forward-thinking leaders. Forward One idea behind this book is that to more nearly understand the person of Senator T A Orji, you must more nearly understand the circumstances that surround him or make him act the way he does because what may be sauce for one person may be poison for another.

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Most of what is in this book about TA Orji was news to me. I had never looked at him very closely before. I am from Abia State, I play partisan politics, discuss topical issues, argue, gossip and speculate like everyone else, but in most cases, I absorbed and never bothered to digest.


So for this book, I went back years later to look at some salient achievements of the man we call Senator Orji. I looked very hard, harder than I had ever looked at anyone in my life before.


I looked so hard I nearly got a hernia of the mind. The result was breathtaking. No matter how lofty these achievements may be, the landmarks highlighted in this book are in it because they are true.


There are several ways people may have looked at Senator Orji. The easiest way would be for me to see him either the size of red ants or the size of the heroic…

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