September 22, 2023

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‘Leave Ekweremadu alone, tackle  your abysmal performance ‘, rights activist tells FG 

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‘Leave Ekweremadu alone, tackle  your abysmal performance ‘, rights activist tells FG
By Steve Oko
 A human  rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has cautioned the All Progressive Congress,  APC-led Federal Government to “leave Ekweremadu alone and face their abysmal failures.”
Njoku who was reacting to the recent assassination attempt on Senator Ike  Ekweremadu, wondered why the police would be hasty in their conclusion that the ugly incident was a case of burglary.
Comrade Paul Njoku
The activist in a statement made available to Wawa News Global,  said : “The abysmal failures of the APC government of the day should be shamefully counted as their priorities.
“Unnecessary selective and unjustifiable persecutions and intimidation of the perceived enemies of the Buhari government and the opposition parties have been the insomnia of this administration due to lack of fiscal economic agenda and gross incompetence.
“Nigerians are disappointed in this administration. We are the mockery of the World today where waste of human souls are justified by the government which is supposed to protect her citizens.
“In a ruthless bid to intimidate, arrest, harass and silence the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, the narrative is becoming so unbearable and deeply mischievous.
“Nigerians will recall that in June, 2016, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu were frivolously charged to court for allegedly “forging” the Senate standing rules of 2015 which aided them to the highest position in the Senate but for the sake of justice and cleanliness, the vindictive charges were knocked out by the  court.
“In July, 2018, the operatives of the Department of State Security Services and men of the Nigeria Police laid a siege at the Abuja home  of Ike Ekweremadu,  to intimidate, harass, arrest, impeach him from the Senate and subject him to absolutism.
“Nigerians must resist these death-calls on Ekweremadu’s door. Anything harmful should not happen to him and his family.
“Federal Government and the Inspector-General of  Police should carefully and genuinely arrest and prosecute those behind the evil plot.
” It appears  the Police is engaging in a cover-up mendacity in their quick resolutions and unyielding findings regards the life and safety of Ekweremadu, his wife and that of the son.
“When the incident happened, the Senate President alerted the Police according to him, but the Police couldn’t pick his calls nor respond quickly to the scene but later said they were not aware of the incident.
“But the Police issued a press release within few hours after the incident that it was not an assassination attempt but a mere burglary. Nigerians want to know how the Police hastily came out with such inconclusive reaction without a proof or even parading the single suspect caught in the act?
“Nigerians are shocked by the sordid and morbid interest of the Police who were very quick to give an exonerative report within the shortest period of time. The Police who could not interview Ekweremadu, his wife and son, ha already determined that it was a mere burglary. This is glaringly suspicious and unacceptable.
“We cannot keep quiet when peoples’ lives are involved. Our security agents should know that humans are not animals. We are not living in a Banana Republic. Bola Ige was killed in his bedroom. The former gubernatorial candidate for the PDP, Folunsho Williams, was also killed in his bedroom. Therefore, the Police should not take this matter very carelessly.
“We are aware that when Major General Idrils Alkali was murdered in September 2018, the security agents duly investigated it until they found his lifeless body where he was buried. And they exhumed his remains and reburied him in a dignifying Islamic way which means that if our security agents want to work, they will utterly do their work diligently without prejudices and politically-correct mindset. I therefore urge our security agents to stop engaging in a cover-up measure and tell Nigerians the truth of the matter on what happened in Ekweremadu’s house.
“It is time for Mr. President to personally intervene and caution his men to lay off the illogical and inexplicable pressure on Ekweremadu. Call it what you may; robbery, burglary, assassination attempt or arrest, it all boils down to one thing which is repression, intimidation and subjugation.
“They should know they are provoking crisis in our dear country. All of us have a stake : maintaining peace, strengthening our democracy and ensuring another peaceful transition.
“If we have agreed that we have a stake in a more stable Nigeria, then, let us stop pulling the tail of this tiger. The APC-led Federal Government of Nigeria should leave Senator Ike Ekweremadu alone and face their abysmal failures”.
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