September 28, 2023

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Ikpeazu’s creative insensitivity ‘  – Ugwumba 

Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu

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‘Ikpeazu’s creative insensitivity ‘  – Ugwumba

The 2019 general elections presents audible winds of confrontations to the Democratic space in Abia. Several conspiracies have been hatched against the opposition political parties in Abia. The main reason is who occupies the Government House in Umuahia come 2019.


APGA is enmeshed in legal controversies till date sponsored by Ikpeazu. The APC purposefully has sorted their legal challenge except for the minor dark actions by some adopted agents of ikpeazu. However, their desperation is famine and uninspiring though sponsored by Ikpeazu.

Ikpeazu has abandoned his immediate responsibility of drafting his hand over notes as a preparation to vacating office next May. He is busy sowing discord in other parties with State resources.


Abia resources are now being used to bribe unpatriotic  judges to shift the course of truth and justice. In the coming weeks we shall evidentially expose them and bring them to disrepute and shame. Abia resources are meant for the people not for some bad eggs  on the bench.

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Ikpeazu led administration has overtime deceived Abians and can only be remembered as the mother of all Perfidy, Lies and Chicanery, when by 29th May 2019, they must have been history.

Ikpeazu, some times on public media and social media platforms, claims he has rebuilt Aba and Umuahia. This is the lies he sells to the world regularly. Yet, as Arthur Eze said, Abia stinks. Aba needs urgent attention and renewal.


Roads are dilapidated, refuse mountains abound, no portable water anywhere in Abia, salaries and pensions are unpaid for over 8 months. Ikpeazu takes pride in diverting public resources to line private pockets instead of developing the state.Why is the Abia State PDP led government afraid of true contest?

Why are they afraid of facing the general election with Abia’s finest, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah?

Why is Ikpeazu in search of judges to handle Ikechi Emenike Vs Abia APC case?

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Why is he so bent on buying judgement for Ikechi Emenike?

In as much as Abians remember every past leader by their deeds, I am so certain that, Abia will remember Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the worst governor that ever ruled  Abia. The greatest mistake of our time!

May I remind Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu that the anti graft agencies are being strengthened everyday. For every person who looted Abia public funds while holding sway in public office, must account for it. Former governors, Rev. Jolly Anyame of Taraba State and Sen. Joshua Dariye of Plateau never knew that the long arm of Justice, will catch up with them someday.

To My Dear Abia People; God will never forgive anyone who will play any form of role to bring back Ikpeazu come 2019. Ikpeazu has shown all he has in stock, every first tenure, is a chance for any elected officer to show his capacity and best.

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Ikpeazu’s Ebonyi State counterpart has shown the strength of a man who loves his people. 2nd tenure chance, is purely for the person to complete his work. The question here is, what will Ikpeazu go back to government house by 2019 to complete?

Emmanuel Ugwumba writes from Umuahia

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