September 17, 2023

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Nnamdi kanu reveals what ‘ll happen to Britain if London continues to obstruct Biafra exit

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Nnamdi kanu reveals what ‘ll happen to Britain if she continues to obstruct  Biafran exit
By Steve Oko
Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB,  Nnamdi kanu , has revealed what would happen to Britain if London continues to work against  Biafra independence from Nigeria.
Kanu who made the disclosure in his lates live broadcast on Radio Biafra in Jerusalem,  accused Britain of masterminding the continued ‘yoking’ of Nigeria together in a forced union because of her selfish economic interests.

The IPOB Leader said Britain had constituted herself a major impediment  to the yearnings of Nigerians to peacefully disintegrate into various compatible nations.

He, therefore,   warned her to desist or gear up for  the wrath of God.

According to him, Nigeria’s continued existence as a political entity only serves British interest and that of the Northern oligarchy,  hence the unwillingliness of London to allow Nigerian’s disintegration even when it is obvious that the ‘forced union’ is no longer workable.

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“I have to caution Britain to let Biafra go because if they don’t Almighty Creator Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama will pour HIS wrath on Britain.

“He will decimate and break Britain into pieces.

“Biafrans are liberals and the most intelligent race in the black world.

“Britain has a lot to gain economically from a free Biafra than an economically emasculated Nigeria reliant on crude oil alone.

“The only way to ensure the natural laziness of the … does not continue holding us back, is to set the various nations within Nigeria free.

Their  strategy of dragging Biafra down with them by removing competitiveness from the human equation in Nigeria as presently constituted is making it easier to mask the shortcomings of the corrupt and inept Northern ruling class.

Why is it that Britain and the rulers of Nigeria are afraid of competition? Perhaps they know Biafrans are naturally hardworking and that will showcase their laziness and unproductive nature before the world.

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” Britain can please take all the oil in Biafraland and leave us alone. The greatest resource is a man’s brain not resources in the ground. We just want to be free.


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