September 18, 2023

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Revealed : Nnamdi Kanu gives reasons for ‘unmask the impostor in Aso Rock ‘ , Challenges Buhari to uncap if…, Says US experts coming to dissect Buhari’s DNA

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‘Why I want to unmask the impostor in Aso Rock ‘ – Nnamdi Kanu
* Challenges Buhari to uncap
* Says experts from US ‘ll join him on live TV in Israel for final unmasking
The vocal and die-hard Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra ( IPOB), Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu, has given further reasons he is bent on “unmasking the man in Aso Rock “, saying  posterity will not forgive him if he keeps mute over  an alleged ” cover – up by a cabal running Nigeria” concerning the real identity of the President.
Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader


Kanu in a live broadcast on Radio Biafra anchored from Jerusalem,  Saturday evening,  claimed that Nigeria’s President “is fake and an impostor”.
Although the Federal Government is yet to react to Kanu’s latest bombshell , it has always dismissed the IPOB leader as a “terrorist” and hate speech promoter fanning the embers of disunity in Nigeria.
But Kanu who is currently seeking refuge in Israel after his mysterious escape from the September 14, 2017 military raid of his Umuahia home,  has in his recent outbursts,  insisted that “an impostor is in charge of Aso Rock”.

Kanu who claimed there are some noticeable discrepancies in the body features of “the impostor and the real President ” who he claimed is late,  challenged the President to remove his cap for the unsuspecting Nigerians to judge.

However,  Wawa News Global could not independently verify the validity of Kanu’s claims,  but the latest revelations seem to be generating anxiety in the country.

It may likely become a campaign issue in the weeks ahead although some politicians have kept sealed lips over the developments while watching events as they unfold.

The IPOB Leader said he had the backing of God to speak the truth about the real identity of “the man in Aso Rock “, adding that experts would soon join him from the United States of America on a live television programme in Israel to “unmask the DNA of the Nigerian President “.

Kanu said top government officials including some religious leaders and  top heirachy  of some major  ethnic associations in the country were fully aware of the “deception” but are afraid to talk.

He also said Britain had knowleged of it,  and in fact aided “the scam” because of its economic interest in Nigeria.

His words : ” I am addressing you this evening from the studios of the one and only Radio Biafra here in Israel. It has been said that Radio Biafra is the greatest university on earth and unarguably the most popular radio station in Southern Hemisphere.

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“This is an auspicious moment in our lives. God has exposed the foundations of darkness and evil holding Nigerians to ransom.
” Future generation will look back at this period and ask, what did you do when you knew an impostor was imposed on you? 
“This is a well packaged fraud – signed, sealed and delivered by Britain. Because without Britain, there is no way cattle herders could have pulled off such a stunt.

“The program to fully unmask Jubril will continue throughout this month but there are a few things I want you Biafrans and Nigerians alike to look out for in the interim.

“Total unmasking of Jubril will be a collective effort. Everybody must get involved because I can’t effectively analyse DNA results in a radio broadcast.

” It’s an exercise meant for television. Four experts will be coming from the United States of America to help me dissect the results this month.

“It will be in front of an audience here in Israel. In the interim, everybody must get involved by investigating a few anomalies about Jubril the impostor in Aso Rock, because …is long dead and buried in Saudi Arabia.”

Kanu gave some tips on how to confirm the alleged differences between Buhari and “the impostor “.

“This is a simple analytical process anybody can perform from the comfort of their own home. Ask yourself:

“Why did the  cabal say that Jubril will not debate with Atiku during the forthcoming presidential debate as is the tradition?

” Why are they suggesting that Osinbajo should replace him when Osinbajo is not the presidential candidate?

“Has anyone wondered why Jubril cannot speak Fulfude which is the indigenous Fulani language? Some of us don’t know that Fulani people have their own separate language and it’s not Hausa.

“Pay close attention to the back of Jubril’s fingers and neck to see he’s between 45 to 55 of age and nowhere near 75 the advertised age of Buhari.

” The youthful appearance of the back of his hand and neck does not correspond with the aged face which came about as a result of extensive plastic surgery in London which the British government is fully aware of.

“Ask yourself why Jubril doesn’t do live televised interviews in Nigeria anymore? The real Buhari did live interviews with question and answer sessions, why not this person impersonating him?

“If you doubt that the man in Aso Rock is Buhari, ask him (Jubril) to remove his cap. The dead …is bald at the crown of the head.

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“Any reasonable person will know a receding hairline when they see one.

“Look at Buhari’s fake certificate issued yesterday and the face of Jubril and tell me : Is it  the same person receiving the fake certificate from WAEC?

“Jubril the Sudanese impostor, the present occupant of Aso Rock and self-acclaimed President of Nigeria has a full set of hair, he is not bald.

“This is easiest test that will convince even staff in Aso Rock that Buhari is not the man they are working for but an impostor pretending to be the dead Nigerian president.

“As soon as the public is fully conversant with these facts, I will unleash the DNA results to bring this matter to an earth shattering end.

On the controversy trailing President Buhari’s School Certificate, Kanu who said he had already instructed his international lawyers to institute legal action against the West African Examination Council (WAEC)  in Ghana for allegedly issuing ” a fake” document to the President, insisted that “Buhari has no certificate “

“Now consider this, there was no West African Senior School Certificate in 1961 as noted in Jubril’s fake WAEC result. Is it not obvious to all and sundry that SSS started around 1989/1990?

“Which people or population can tolerate this level of criminality if not black African people.

“Another question we must ask is this, why did the late Buhari hire over a dozen top lawyers, all Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) in 2015 to defend a fabricated certificate?

“What type of society on earth can condone this? This shows that all arms of governance in Nigeria are involved in this fraud and cover-up.

“This scandal has tainted everybody from the Senate to the National Judicial Council. The judiciary in Nigeria has made itself an accessory to fraud and election manipulation by failing to rule on the invalidity of the 2015 forged Buhari certificate.

“I have some questions for WAEC:
How is it that Buhari’s result attestation is being issued under West Africa Senior School Certificate, a system not yet in existence in 1961?

” How can an institution like WAEC that was not in existence in 1961 be attesting to the certificate of examination it did not conduct?

“By involving themselves in this fraud, they have rendered every result or certificate they ever issued null and void.

“Has anyone seen the passport photo of  Buhari when he was 19 years old in 1961? He even sat for Hausa Language as a subject in the forged 1961 WAEC examination certificate, meanwhile Hausa language was only introduced into Nigerian curriculum in 1975.

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“In the previous 2015 forged result submitted and accepted by INEC, there was mathematics in it. Which implied that Buhari sat for mathematics. But in the latest 2018 WASC result presented to Jubril for the purposes of fulfilling INEC’s requirements, there is no mathematics.

“How is that possible? It’s either the 2015 certificate is fake or the latest version is. Either way, Jubril, WAEC, the Aso Rock cabal and all those present during the presentation of the fake certificate should be arrested immediately for fraud, forgery and deception.

” WAEC can never issue certificate, whether attestation certificate or confirmation certificate, to a candidate in examination it didn’t conduct. WAEC never conducted exams in 1961, it was University of Cambridge! This is the same WAEC that said repeatedly in 2015 it couldn’t find Buhari’s record.

“This is the reason I instructed IPOB lawyers to file a case of international fraud, forgery and deception against WAEC before Ghanaian courts.

“Whoever runs WAEC or responsible for this heinous crime should be tried and if found guilty jailed. In the US the Democrats are up in arms over suspected Russian meddling in their elections, but in our dark, ignorant, backward Africa, ordinary examination body is seeking to fraudulently install an alien president on the people of Nigeria.

“The tendency for we Africans to gravitate towards deceit and evil must be brought to an end. An expired country like Nigeria being run by an impostor for the benefit of a few illiterate corrupt men should not be allowed to stand.

“I feel sorry for the youths whose lives are being drained away on a daily basis, no hope, no future but are being asked to vote. These are the same people  that will announce fraudulent and rigged election results next February and the pauperized population will gladly swallow it. Unbelievable! Truly there is something wrong with our brain as black people.”

Kanu also raised so many other issues in the broadcast which has dominated discussions among the populace vowing to make more revelations in subsequent broadcasts.


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