September 17, 2023

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Breaking: Biafrans build pyramids in Enugu, Nnamdi Kanu links feat to Biafra -Jewish origin

Pyramids built by Biafrans in Udi near Enugu

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History lesson by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu:


Ecclesiastes 1: 9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”.

Nnamdi Kanu

Every Biafran child with half decent upbringing knows the stories we were told in Sunday school which formed the basis for the popular belief that (Hebrew) Jewish slaves were forced to build the pyramids in Egypt. We all know the story that Jews were saved by Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama when they left Egypt in a mass Exodus. That’s the story we all grew up to believe but some Western scholars have continued to doubt its authenticity. Some observers have continued to cast aspersions on the validity of the Hebraic ancestry of Biafrans as we rightly claim today.

In 1977, the then Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin visited Egypt’s National Museum in Cairo and stated unequivocally “We built the pyramids.” Not surprisingly, a lot of people took offence which sparked an outrage throughout the Egyptian people, Arab world and scepticism among Western academia. The cry was, how dare Jews claim they built the pyramid. Where is the evidence of pyramid building in ancient or modern Hebrew architecture they screamed.

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Pyramids built by Biafrans in Udi near Enugu

Until now, nobody has been able to connect the dots linking the Jews of antiquity to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids but this morning all of that is about to change. Not only did Jews build the pyramids including Biafrans, but I also make bold to say that Biafran Jews hold the key to the authentication of the Biblical story of Exodus. The saddest part is that reactionary forces concealed this information from the public for over a century.

The pictures here attached show a set of pyramids built by Biafrans near Enugu at Udi in Biafraland. The only site of pyramid construction outside Egypt in black Africa. A careful observation of the coloured pictures shows similar dwarf pyramids in Egypt where the Bible told us that Jews worked as slaves. At the bottom of the black and photographs featuring a white British woman archaeologist, you will see the outline of the giant pyramid which wasn’t published in full. I shall inquire why they refused to make the full photograph available. We must not forget the excavation of this pyramid site at Udi was conducted by a team of British archaeologists in the early 20th century.
Despite a wealth of literature on this historical find, a lot of people are still ignorant of the fact that Biafrans built pyramids like all other great civilizations around the world.

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Biafran agitators in Umuahia Nigeria

The presence of these pyramids lends credence to the fact that Igbo-Biafrans had possession of pyramid building knowledge from Egypt. The Udi Biafran pyramids are not unique, it is the exact replica of the dwarf pyramids in Egypt, which means the builders were copying what they already knew how to build. This is confirmation if any is needed that Biafrans were part and parcel of the wider Hebrew (Jewish) people that built the pyramids of Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs as recorded in the Bible.

Funny enough, the only archaeological evidence supporting the claim by Menachem Begin that Jews built the Egyptian pyramids can now only be found in Biafra because only Jews in Egypt could have acquired such knowledge. What this means is that Israel must reference Biafra for confirmation that Jews built the pyramids of Egypt. This is the scientific way Elohim designed to force Israel and the world to know that HE planted Biafra in dark Africa that light may come to a troubled and backward continent. End of discussion. Isn’t Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama great!

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