September 22, 2023

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Why I want Abia politicians to emulate Hon. Chinedum Orji – Rights activist

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Why I want Abia politicians to emulate Chinedum Orji
By Comrade Paul Njoku (Rights activist )
I am  Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, a human rights activist and a renowned author , urge Abia politicians and the opposition parties to emulate the direct touch of human capital and community development of the honourable member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency and Majority Leader in Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Engr.Chinedum Orji.
Comrade Paul Njoku


This is because the humanitarian and infrastructural development by the honourable member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly is second to none.
 I am from Imo State, but was born and raised in Umuahia, Abia State. I attended my nursery, primary and secondary school education here in Umuahia. My parents built a family house here and all of us are resident in Umuahia including my uncles and large extended family. Umuahia is my home. By virtue of my birth of tenacity in Umuahia, I can boldly and vividly analyze the history and mechanism of Abia State politics without any contradiction.
In all honesty and sincerity, I can testify to the people of Abia State that Hon. Chinedum Orji, loves his people so dearly. And if given a long term seat in the governance of Abia State, he will systematically wipe away extremely poverty in Abia.
 This young man sleeps and wakes up with peoples excruciating problems and predicaments. In my first interaction with him few months ago, he sincerely told me that his task performance and agenda in life is to see smiles on peoples’ faces and enforce human capital and community development and that he dislikes seeing people suffer.
I have read so many unprintable epitaph of ugly stories written by the enemies of progress and the APC prodigarians against Hon. Chinedum Orji and I once challenged them to confront Abians why ‘IKUKU’ is not excellent in his gigantic economic and infrastructural performances amongst all. I am therefore calling on Abia politicians especially those in the opposition parties who bitterly criticize this God-fearing and kindhearted man to give peace a chance and kindly emulate and support the direct touch humanitarian gestures  of this resilient lawmaker from Umuahia Central.
Recently, parents, guidance, school administration and political groups in Umuahia Central State Constituency lauded the renovation of some public schools by Engr.Chinedum. People testified that the intervention would definitely save the public schools from collapsing and encourage parents to be enrolling their children in public schools.
 I remember a certain group under the aegis of IKWUANO/UMUAHIA YOUTH PDP FORUM, who publicly confessed that Hon. Chinedum has demonstrated his commitment in the development of education by renovating all the dilapidated schools and providing toilet facilities in the constituency.
IKUKU, to the best of my knowledge has donated so many transformers in every zone in Umuahia Central, including Urban Ward 3 by Palm Lane Extension, Amuzukwu Community, Isiama, Enyiukwu and the entire Ohokobe Afaraukwu. He also awarded contracts and originally graded so many roads including Road 5 Low Cost Housing Estate which had not been accessible in the past so many years.
At the World Bank primary School 1, Umuahia, the testimony of the administrative headmistress, Mrs. Okoroafor Mary Oluchi, was astonishing. I was surprised as the headmistress listed some of the gigantic projects embarked upon by the Majority Leader in the State House of Assembly which she says include the provision of chairs for the pupils and tables for the teachers, drilling of borehole with work on ground for the building and equipping of library for the school.
What amazes me was the day the “IKPEAZU FAN INTERNATIONAL” had their outing at ‘Isi-Gate’ in Umuahia, IKUKU singled out a certain blind man popularly known as ‘STUFF’ from the midst of the multitude and blessed him with economic prowess which include a new car with a strong promise that so long as he remains alive and in the House of Assembly, that the blind man remains his responsibility.
In the church sector, he remains awesomely outstanding. Are u aware that KUKU received eight (8) notable awards in the 2018 Fathers’ Day celebration? Churches that honored him are: Saint Stephen’s Anglican Parish, Umuahia;
Saint Luke’s Anglican Church, Amakama, Olokoro, Umuahia; esley Methodist Church Cathedral, Umuahia; and Saint Andrew, Anglican Church, Isiama Afara, Umuahia
Others are Presbyterian Church, Ehimiri Housing Estate; Saint Mary’s Anglican Church Ndume; and Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ubakala, Umuahia.
I am of the opinion that in this life, leaders, individual persons, groups, politicians and the clergy, come in different typologies. Some come to the podium of politics with arrogance, stupidity, criminality, laziness, disrespect, pride and power drunk, whilst others come to the political stage very industrious, strong, sincere, accommodating, humble and Godly of which Hon.Chinedum Orji rightily belongs to the later. I therefore, urge him to maintain the spirit. And I pray for more God’s blessings upon his life.
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