September 22, 2023

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Fayose’s man, Olayinka speaks on NASS invasion, Daura’s sack

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki

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Gov.Ayo Fayose

Fayose’s man, Olayinka speaks on NASS invasion

NASS invasion by DSS and the APC conspiracy theories
By Lere Olayinka

They want the whole world to believe that it was Saraki that brought the DSS to the NASS yesterday to ridicule their god of man, Buhari.

Funny enough, these Buharideens were everywhere yesterday’s morning defending the DSS invasion of the NASS. One of the APC Reps even spoke on camera, defending the invasion.

When the coup failed, the narrative suddenly changed to; the DSS were brought by Saraki to undermine the Presidency.

Bunch of dumb-heads always acting like we are fools like them.

When did DSS start taking orders from the Senate President?

So it was Saraki that brought the Policemen that blocked his convoy and armed men of the EFCC that invaded Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s house on July 24, 2018?

So it was Saraki that also sent the police to the Benue State House of Assembly?

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Was it Saraki that also invaded Ekiti with Police and DSS that attacked the Govt House and assaulted the Governor and his deputy?

Was it Saraki that made the DSS to disobey Court orders on Dasuki and El-Zakzaky as well as detained several Nigerians, including journalists without trial?

Was it Saraki that made the DSS to invade Supreme Court justices houses and arrest them in odd hours?

Was it Saraki that sent the DSS to invade the Akwa Ibom govt house and Ekiti State House of Assembly?

These dumb-heads Buharideens always assume that our brains are populated by sawdust like their own.

Nonsensical nonsense plus stupidity made official!

You ploted a COUP and it failed, methinks VP Prof Osinbajo, a supposed RCCG pastor should be honest for once.

He has done well by sacking Lawal Daura, the VP should not put his credibility to further questioning by going along with this conspiracy theory.

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Or should we now say that Daura was sacked because he did not successfully carry out the Coup-de-tat and those who sent him to topple the NASS leadership decided to deal with him for failing to execute the plot successfully?

My name is Lere Olayinka, I have brain and I am using it. That’s why I did not believe the story of Buharideens in 2015 that someone trekked from Lagos to Abuja because Buhari won election. That’s why I have never believed any of their tales my moonlight, including the EFCC whistle-blower’s stories.

Fact is that there is serious lawlessness being championed by Buhari and his APC government.

Those of you still believing their stories, please do a brain check.
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